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"The most precious gift you can give your family is the gift of being prepared."

~ Stacey Golden-Lisnock - Your Financial Advocate ~

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"Got It Together Now!" Course

Easily complete your Emergency Info File with our

structured course, guidance, and accountability.

Go from this

stack of outdated and disorganized documents

To this organized


Welcome to

Got It Together Now!

My name is Stacey Golden-Lisnock and I am the founder of Got It Together Now!

I am so glad you found us. It is our BIG goal to help people to be better prepared for life's events by having all legal and personal documents up-to-date and in one place. Over my 30+ years in the financial services industry, I have witnessed so much unnecessary chaos when someone becomes ill, has an accident, or passes away.

The purpose of this company is to provide resources that will empower people to take action, have the "hard" conversations, and be prepared in advance of a health crisis or death.

After suffering a health issue in 2018, it became painfully obvious that I was not ready if someone needed to step in and handle my affairs. It can be a bitter pill to swallow sometimes (facing one's mortality), I get it. However, the fact remains that most of us have been a bit on the slacky side to getting this stuff done.

If this message is resonating with you, then you are in the right place. Welcome! We have some good stuff for you right here. Because I am sharing my knowledge and research, you can finally get this done and be on your way to living without the nagging voice reminding you.....

To your success,


This Is The Course To Get It Done.

  • I believe you absolutely can get your Emergency Info File created within a relatively short period of time by taking this course.

  • Most people need accountability and direction. I know this is true for me. I purchased many planning workbooks over the years and none of it motivated me to action.

  • Check-in and support make this course different than trying it on your own. The modules and short lessons set the pace so you will be able to easily complete it without being stressed and anxiety-ridden over the project.

  • If you found your way to this page, you are likely very interested in the course results: finally, everything in place before it is too late to be useful for your family and loved ones in the face of chaos and turmoil.

  • Bottom line: Let's do this!

Got It Together Now!


Course Outline

The purpose of the EIF program is simply this -

If you should have a health crisis, accident, or pass away TODAY,

your family or chosen representative would be able

to easily handle your affairs or be able to settle your estate

without having to spend excessive time and money.

This is a true act of LOVE for your family. And since no one really knows

how much time we have before this information

will be urgently needed, we encourage you to get this done ASAP

Module 1

Estate Planning

Critical section to provide decision making and transacting, on your behalf, as simple as possible

Module 2

Insurance Policies & Beneficiary Review

Get a handle on your insurance, who are your beneficiaries, and some basic benefits

Module 3

Credit and Debt

Provide needed details for payments to stay current in your absence - personal and business.

Module 4

Investments & Retirement Accounts || Real Estate & Bank Titles

Titling is key to easy transfer and access for your biggest assets

Module 5

Internet Assets,

Log In, and Legacy

Provide access and direction of your online accounts and social media

Module 6

Budgeting and Planning

Create your monthly budget to be easily followed

Module 7

Final Plans

Make decisions on the most important issues that are stressful for family members to have to make

"I Believe I Have My Personal and Legal Estate in Order"

Even if you have your estate in order and your personal and legal documents are

up-to- date and organized, this course is still recommended.


Because your plans need an

annual review and

conversations with your chosen personal advocate repeated

PLUS, things change and

that's a fact!

I have seen many mistakes and

due to out-dated

and missing information.

NOT ONLY THAT, but I am certain you will discover a thing or two

that you have not taken

into consideration.

By taking the Got It Together Now- Emergency Info File course

you gain access to a community

of professionals offering

their knowledge, resources, & tips.

-Stacey Golden-Lisnock,

Founder, Got It Together Now!

Bottom Line...We want you to succeed.

This course will guide you through the steps

to go from unprepared to very prepared.

Your kids and family will have

everything they need to greatly

reduce stress and pressure

when looking for needed

paperwork WHEN

crisis hits home.


Their focus can be on people,

NOT paperwork.

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