3 Big Reasons People Put Off Creating

A Life Legacy Plan

Find out what tools are needed to leave your positive

“Mark On The World”

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The answer to “Why can’t I get in the mood to start on my legacy plan?”

Why you shouldn’t spend the rest of your life preparing the perfect plan to leave behind

The cure for the chaos that is created when you don’t plan

Secret techniques to develop a legacy and estate plan that your family will love and appreciate you for (years and years after you are gone)!

Get this done before it is too late. Learn the ins and outs in this free webinar. You will gain some insight, knowledge, and hopefully, get motivated to take action. Oh, your family will be so happy!

Stacey Golden-Lisnock is the owner of Got It Together Now! She is a former financial advisor and now she advocates for you to get the information you need to be prepared in advance of a health issue, accident, or death.